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Cake Pops

December 23, 2011

I always have loved the idea of having cake on a stick. Christmas is here in 3 days and I needed to make Christmas cake pops! The first time I tried to make them I never made them as they should have, So I never posted because they never even look like a cake pop. That didn’t stop me from trying again did it? So I tried the next day and they turned out! I was pretty proud of my self. They were delicious and i highly reccommed them for the holidays! Here are some photos of my cake pops and the recipe.






48 Basic Cake Balls
24 ounces green candy coating
Deep microwave bowl
Sprinkles ( optional )
48 Lollipop Sticks
Cup for sprinkles
Styrofoam block

Have the cake balls chilled and in the refrigerator. You also don’t have to make 48 cake balls just cut the cake of how many cake balls you want.

Melt the green candy coating in a microwave- save plastic bowl.
the coating should be about 3 inches deep for easier dipping.

When you are ready to dip about 1/2 inch of the Lollipop stick in the melted green candy coating.Insert it straight into the cake ball, pushing it no more than halfway through. Dip the cake pops into the green candy coating, Tap off any excess coating.

Grab a cup and put sprinkles in the cup. Then grab your cake pop and cover it with sprinkles.

Then you can put your cake pops into a styrofoam block.

Enjoy and Happy Hoildays!

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