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Tracycakes Bakery

October 24, 2011

I just had to vist this place! Lots of people have been telling me about this place called Tracycakes Bakery, So I’m like well why not and vist the bakery So my Family and I took a drive down to the Bakery. I know I’m rambling on but let’s get to the photos! When you see these photos you’re going to want a cupcake!


     This place was adorable. It had so much character! The people were super nice and very welcoming. You can also get tea and coffee there. It was a nice little Bakery.    


 Their was so many varieties of cupcakes you can choose from! Which made it hard to for me!  To choose what cupcakes i wanted! They all looked so good! They also had Whoppies!


  While i was trying to choose what cupcake i want i got distracted by this cute little sign ! So true ” Keep calm eat a cupcake!” Love it!


                                            Finally i made my decision! I got 3 baby cakes which are “mini cupcakes”


Orange! Who doesn’t love orange cupcakes! This cupcake was delicious and very mouth-watering! It had the flavour of orange butter cream and a pumpkin on top! How cute!


  I had too! The sprinkling and the colour of the icing was adorable! It was called the ” Princess Cupcake” Which when you bite in the middle it had whipping cream! Can’t get any better than that!


Creamsicle cupcake?! Never heard of that! I wouldn’t ever think of a creamsicle cupcake! Well that was my first choice! It was tasty! I really like how they put an orange candy on top! What a good idea!


By looking at this photo it makes me want to eat them all over again!  Well if you are ever down in Whiterock BC Come on down to the Tracycakes Bakery ! It will sure put a smile on your face!




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  1. Novia permalink
    October 29, 2011 1:00 am

    Hi Nicole! its Novia! i finally found your website. i forgot the word press part but i really wanted to see your website and finally… well i’m here!!! i love your website btw!!! it is so cute and the pictures are adorable!!! <3~~~ OK well bye!!!

    • October 29, 2011 4:01 am

      Novia! Yay- I’m glad you have found my site! Yes it can be tricky to find when it has the wordpress word in it!… Awwe thanks Novia! i’m glad u like the pictures and website! ❤ Byee!

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